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Wednesday, 23rd October

7.30 pm NSW, VIC, TAS, ACT

6.30 pm QLD

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‘The techniques you have revealed are priceless!'
Max Z
Sydney, NSW

Yes, it is official, growth is returning to the property market!

But which suburbs will lead the pack?

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John Lindeman’s published predictive accuracy is legendary

In the Australian Property Investor magazine’s Hot One Hundred for 2013, leading property market analyst John Lindeman publicly predicted Sydney’s imminent housing market boom.

Even more importantly, John revealed which of Sydney’s suburbs would be first to rise in price, like Campbelltown and Blacktown, where house price growth over the next two years was double that of Sydney as a whole.


Watch this free webinar and you’ll discover

  •  Which suburbs will be the next front runners

  •  Why some suburbs lead the pack and others follow later

  • How these growth leaders will make you more money, more quickly


‘Great hearing John tell it the way it is. No hidden agenda, no hype, just the facts about the housing market. 300 investors like me got exactly what we needed to know, all presented in an easily understood, entertaining and informative manner. Please do this again.'
L Musson
Brisbane, QLD

About the presenter - John Lindeman

John Lindeman is widely respected as one of Australia’s leading property market analysts and renowned as the property market researcher that property experts go to for all their Australian housing market insights.

John is the In-Depth columnist for Your Investment Property Magazine and a popular contributor to property related media, such as Michael Yardney’s Property Update, Kevin Turner’s Real Estate Talk and Alan Kohler’s Eureka Report. John has also authored the landmark best-selling books for property investors, Mastering the Australian Housing Market and Unlocking the Property Market, both published by Wileys.



John’s accuracy in predicting the nature and direction of housing markets is legendary. He publicly predicted both Sydney’s and Hobart’s housing market booms, BUT unlike some other commentators, his predictions were published in the property media just before the growth kicked in, not years before or after *.


Find the next front runners




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Date and time: Wednesday 23rd October, 7.30 pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time

‘Hi John It was lovely to hear you speak and thank you for your sound logical approach. What you said makes absolute sense'
Christie J
Melbourne, VIC

* In the Australian Property Investor magazine’s Hot One Hundred Issue of May 2013, John Lindeman was the first expert to publicly predict Sydney’s imminent housing market boom and also revealed which of Sydney’s suburbs would be the first to rise in price, heralding the boom to come. In Property Observer Issue of 27 May 2016, John correctly predicted that Hobart was the next property hotspot and would boom in 2017, just before the growth kicked in.

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