Issued: 4 December 2018      

Property market analyst, John Lindeman has announced his resignation as director of Property Predictions and Understand Property.

Lindeman said “My quest to accurately predict short term housing price and rent movements has now ended, with the evolution of a data driven solution that has consistently generated over 90% predictive accuracy in anticipating market direction. To this achievement I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my former co-director and co-founder of Property Predictions, Brendan Kelly.

Lindeman said “My company, Property Power Partners has consequently sold all its interests in Property Predictions and Understand Property on 22nd October 2018 to Results Mentoring and we are pleased that Brendan has taken over as CEO of Property Predictions, as we foresee a bright future for these entities under his stewardship.

As inventor of Property Predictions’ “Property Power Database” and its proprietary predictive algorithms, I will continue my personal interest and professional support of Brendan and his team, while now moving on to my greatest challenge yet, which is to develop a long-term predictive solution for buy and hold property investors.”

Property Predictions CEO Brendan Kelly said “The team at Property Predictions are extremely grateful for John’s dedication and revolutionary insights that have enabled the development of accurate data-driven forecasts for short term housing price and rent movements – a capability that is quite unique in the market.”

Kelly, also a Director of Results Mentoring, stated that “Over several years of developing accurate predictive reports for property investors, input from Results Mentoring and its property investing students has been instrumental in shaping the valuable reports that are available through Property Predictions today.

“So, with John moving on to other projects, it made sense for Results Mentoring – Australia’s leading educational and personal mentoring service for property investors – to take ownership of Property Power Partner’s interests in Property Predictions and Understand Property, given the obvious synergies between quality property investment education and powerful property market analytics.

“On behalf of Property Predictions, I look forward to a productive ongoing relationship with John Lindeman and his team at Property Power Partners, while continuing to develop new practical applications for Property Predictions’ leading-edge analytics and reporting capabilities, for the benefit of property investors throughout Australia.”

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