Lindeman’s Boom Triggers Summer 2018-19


  • Your report is instantly downloadable as a .pdf file on receipt of payment
  • Forty-nine suburbs with high imminent house or unit price growth potential.
  • The reasons why high growth is predicted are fully explained
  • What types of property to buy in each boom potential location
  • How much to pay, recent price movements and current rental yield.
  • How long the growth is likely to last and when to sell.
  • Forty pages of indispensable high-quality research.


Lindeman’s Boom Triggers is essential for investors looking for areas with imminent boom potential, no matter what the rest of the market is doing. Many of the included suburbs already offer positive cash flow from day one, with further rent growth and then high price growth set to follow.

This report not only shows you when and where rent and price growth is likely to start, but identifies which types of properties in each area will have the best potential and when the growth is likely to end. The reasons why these areas have boom potential is also fully explained.