Performance Predictor Report for Localities and Regions


Who should buy this report?

This report reveals suburbs with the potential to meet your specific investment goals for options, developments, strong cash flow or a quick uplift in equity for houses or units in your selected locality or region. The suburbs also have the best long-term growth potential and current market conditions that favour buyers.

Each report is prepared by our researchers using real time data, desk top checked for accuracy and then delivered as a pdf normally within two days of payment.


To prepare your report we need to know the city, locality or region and type of property.  Note that we provide off the shelf reports for State mainland capital cities in our Lindeman’s Best Buy and Hold Suburbs Reports (click here for more information).

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Your report will be completed and emailed to the email address you provide within 2 business days. Please check when you order that your email address is correct.

We respect your privacy and only need your telephone number to contact you if there is an unforeseen delivery issue with your report. We will not contact you for any other reason, nor share any of your personal details with anyone else.



What’s in each Performance Predictor Report for your locality or region?

  • A full explanation of our market assessment and predictive methodologies.
  • Suburbs with the best long-term growth potential which have:
  • Current market conditions favouring potential buyers
  • The best cash flow potential for houses or units.
  • And/or the best medium-term growth outlook for houses or units.
  • Includes high and low buy price range for typical houses or units in each suburb.

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