John Lindeman’s Wealth Acceleration Program

Secure the best possible results from property investment

Australia’s leading property market expert, John Lindeman will put his wealth of expertise and experience to work for you personally. His proven techniques, legendary predictive skill and expert assistance will help you to avoid costly mistakes and make the best possible decisions.


The program begins with a personal assessment of your current situation, your goals and desired outcomes from property investment. If you have any properties, John will provide you with a portfolio analysis, showing you their current and predicted cash flow and growth potential.

Together, we’ll devise and put in place the best strategy to meet your goals, whether it’s added value from renovations or development, high cash flow from short term rentals, strong market driven passive cash flow, strong market driven short term price growth or long term buy and hold.

You will enjoy a full one year enrolment in John’s self-directed 7steps2success on-line property investment education course where you can download all of John’s Templates, Questionnaires, Checklists and Tools, and watch easy to follow vids showing you how to use them.

You’ll receive up to five free personalised Suburb Selector Reports each year, revealing five suburbs in your chosen locations, for your preferred type of property in your buy price range which have the best potential to meet your own desired outcomes.

As you proceed on your property investment journey, John is only an email, telephone or Zoom call away with answers to your questions.  He will ensure that you make the best decisions and avoid mistakes.

With John’s expert assistance and support, you’ll know not just where and when to buy, but also what types of property will secure the best results, how much to offer and pay, and how to keep track of your investment properties so that you’ll know when the right time to sell has arrived.

Enjoy personal access to John Lindeman  

John is widely respected as one of Australia’s leading property market analysts. He has over twenty years of professional experience researching the nature and dynamics of the housing market at major data analysts.

Get John’s highly accurate predictive reports for free

John will produce your own customised predictive reports revealing suburbs with the best potential to achieve your goals, plus you’ll receive exclusive early access to John’s off the shelf predictive reports.

John’s unique and proven success tools are yours to use forever

You’ll also enjoy permanent use of John’s exclusive wealth creation templates, questionnaires, checklists and tools, showing you how to buy, what to buy, where to buy and how much to pay explained in easy to follow vids, presentations and slide shows all included with your one year login access to his self-directed, online 7steps2success property investment education course.

John is the expert that the other experts go to for their insights.

You will benefit from John Lindeman’s highly accurate predictive reports produced by Australia’s only patented Housing Market Prediction Solution.

The predictive algorithms employed in the database have produced a consistent past predictive accuracy rate of over ninety per cent in terms of forecasting both the direction and intensity of price and rent changes.

Make the best investment decisions and avoid costly mistakes

John’s published predictive accuracy is legendary.

In Property Observer Issue of 27 May 2016, John correctly predicted that Hobart was the next property hotspot and would boom in 2017, just before the growth kicked in.

Hobart was the best performer of all capital city housing markets in both 2017 and 2018.

In March 2020 John correctly predicted in Your Investment Property that property prices would boom in our major capital cities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. That was while the economists and other analysts were all forecasting doom and gloom.

In August 2020 John predicted in Your Investment Property that Adelaide was set to boom. Adelaide’s median house price grew by more than thirty per cent over the next three years while prices in locations pinpointed by John (Elizabeth and Salisbury) doubled in price.

In the August 2022 Lindeman Reports newsletter John forecast that Perth’s bargain priced suburbs were about to soar. In the next twelve months house prices in those suburbs rose by more than twenty per cent and Perth’s median house price has hit a record high.

All of the above predictions were authored by John Lindeman and published in the sources quoted, with the subsequent results independently verified by CoreLogic published data.

Receive John’s personal mentoring for only $4,998

John is personally there for you during each year of your enrolment. He will answer your most pressing questions and help you make the best possible decisions.

With John’s assistance you’ll know how to buy, where to buy, what type of property to buy, how much to offer and pay, plus you’ll know the best time to sell.

Bonus #1 One full year enrolment in John’s 7steps2success on-line property investment education course with John’s Templates, Questionnaires, Checklists and Tools all explained in easy to follow vids and slide shows. Retail price $1,996

Bonus #2  One full year free access to ALL of John Lindeman’s published off-the-shelf predictive reports. Currently valued at $2,980

Bonus #3  Five free Suburb Selector Reports, revealing suburbs with the best potential to meet your own desired outcomes. Currently valued at $2,490

Bonus #4  Partner enrols for free! Currently valued at $4,998

John Lindeman’s Wealth Acceleration Program fee is 

only $4,998

        Save $12,464 

Annual renewal fee is only $998

Member intakes are strictly limited, so act now!

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