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Lindeman's Cheapies with Potential reports

John Lindeman’s Cheapies with Potential Reports  for the second quarter 2020 are essential to your property investment success because they reveal those suburbs in your capital city and State with the highest growth potential. 

Benefit from innovative and independent property market information provided with legendary predictive accuracy 

John Lindeman is widely respected as one of Australia’s leading market analysts. With well over a decade of experience researching the nature and dynamics of various types of assets at major data analysts, John is renowned as the market researcher that other experts go to for all their Australian investment insights.

John’s column on housing market research features monthly in Australian Property Investor Magazine and he is a popular contributor to investment related media, such as Your Investment Property Magazine, Michael Yardney’s Property Update, Kevin Turner’s Real Estate Talk and Alan Kohler’s Eureka Report. John has also authored the landmark best-selling books for property investors, Mastering the Australian Housing Market and Unlocking the Property Market, both published by Wileys.

John was awarded an Innovation Patent in August 2016 for his invention of the Housing Market Prediction Solution, which predicts housing price changes at suburb level up to ten years into the future.

John has also developed accurate rental demand forecasts which estimate likely cashflow projections in any suburb for investors.

John’s accuracy in predicting the nature and direction of housing markets is legendary

He publicly forecast Sydney’s and Hobart’s housing market booms, BUT unlike other commentators, his predictions were published in the property media just before the growth kicked in, not years before or after.

“I am a great fan of John's. You can rely on John to give you the facts so you can make the best decision."

kevin turner
Real estate talk

“It is indeed refreshing to find an expert who is willing to share his accumulation of knowledge and insights with a wider audience."

John Flaherty
Lecturer, Dept of Banking and Finance, Monash University

“There’s nothing quite like this invaluable tool for property investors."

Simon Buckingham
Director, RESULTS Mentoring