Performance Predictor Report for Suburbs


This report shows current and prospective investors whether now is a good time to buy, hold or sell a house or unit in a suburb, by revealing whether current market conditions suit buyers or sellers.

The report also provides a long-term growth prediction for houses or units in the suburb, revealing whether the suburb is likely to be a growth leader, growth lagger or average performer over a typical buy and hold period of eight to ten years.

Each report is personally prepared by our researchers and then desk top checked for accuracy, with delivery as a pdf normally completed within two business days of purchase.


To prepare your report we need to know the type of property, state and suburb and postcode.

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We respect your privacy and only need your telephone number to contact you if there is an unforeseen delivery issue with your report. We will not contact you for any other reason, nor share any of your personal details with anyone else.


What’s in each Performance Predictor Report for your suburb?

  • Assessment of whether current market conditions suit buyers or sellers.
  • Analysis of the current rental market.
  • The medium-term price growth trend.
  • The main medium-term demand dynamic that could change this trend.
  • The long-term price comparative performance prediction for your suburb.
  • The annual average estimated net rate of growth over the next ten years.
  • The performance risk factor for your suburb.
  • A full explanation of our market assessment and predictive methodologies.